Bad Runs...

Everyone has bad runs, I have an awful lot.

But how bad really are they? I may set out to do 6 miles, and only end up doing 3, I may set off 6 miles at pace and then implode with 2 miles to go and have to walk.

I had one like this on last week, a 5 mile run at just below my 5k pace as part of my half marathon training. Started off well, probably too well, then with 1.5 miles to go I felt bad. I slowed right down, i didn't have any water and i nearly threw up. I ended up having to take my time, slowed down to a very slow jog for half a mile to help recover. 

But was it really that bad? I'm not saying that you've never had a catastrophic run where everything goes bad. But, I tend to think back two last year, when I couldn't run for 300m without stopping. Now I can step out the door and run 5-6 miles without thinking about it.

So it wasn't bad, it just wasn't my best run. 

Remember that old aged quote...

You’re lapping everyone on the couch



Keep running, keep being positives. As a friend once told me, the bad runs make the good runs so much better!