Running Around In Circles

Sometimes it's good to mix up the type of training, running miles at a steady pace can get a bit monotonous sometimes. So to counteract this sometimes I run around in circles for 45 mins.

Warwick University Athletics Track.jpg

I'm lucky enough to work in running (walking) distance from the Warwick University athletic track, the good thing is it's open to the public and opens at 7 am! On Thursday I decided to beat the heat and go for an interval session before work, am I crazy for doing this?

Anyway, the interval session was compiled of 5 x 800m intervals with 200m walking rest, the pace was 1 minute per mile faster than my 5k pace. I don't often talk to much about pace, as it is all relative to that person. I often find myself wishing to run at a pace of someone else, but in essence as long as your challenging yourself that's all that matters.

Even though this workout was pretty tough it made me pretty confident that I can run faster than I normally do, even if it is just for 800m. I'm hoping to build an interval workout into my schedule every one/two weeks.

I'm writing this on a Friday night after going to a trampoline park with my brother, my legs and body are tired beyond belief. Even worse I've just planned my 12 mile run for tomorrow! Wish me luck!