What I think about while running

I've read on blogs, websites and in books about what to think about while running. Now I'm running longer miles I have a lot more time to think about things while I'm running. 

Here is a bit of a list of what I think about, it is not exhaustive (obviously, it's the brain) but may help you take your mind off things while running (but probably won't as they're all related to me).


Sometimes I'll see a dog while running, most of the time it will be running full pelt towards me and I'll try and avoid it. However, it makes me think how I'd quite like a dog, but probably wouldn't get on with my three cats.


Back left, Jasper. Back right, Pugwash. Front, Captain

Back left, Jasper. Back right, Pugwash. Front, Captain

As mentioned above, I have three cats (pictured below). One of them only has three legs and two of them are on daily medication, so I'll think about whether I need to go get some more meds for them. Most of the time I'll just be wondering what they are doing, probably sleeping, and wishing I could be more like a cat (they have the best lives right?).

My Girlfriend

(She didn't make me put this in here I promise...)

My lovely girlfriend Lucy, I think about her when I'm running. For example, if I'm on a training run I'll wonder what she's watching on TV, what she's eating (see food below), whether the she's sleeping (normally she is).

But most importantly, she often comes with me to races and is the unofficial Two Legs One Beard photographer. So I am always thinking when I'll see her cheering me on as it gives me that extra encouragement and mainly I'll just be thinking how lucky i am to have someone who tolerates all my running and encourages me every time I'm running.


Probably not going to be anything meaningful, sometimes I'll think through any problems or conundrums I've been having. But most of the time it's just what time I need to be home, the fact I need to take the bins out, all the DIY things I need to do etc etc


My brain works in wonderful ways, I'll be running through a park and see a bird and wonder what type of bird it is, or I'll pass a tree and spend the next 5 minutes wondering how old that tree is. Sometimes I'll try and imagine what would have been around me 100 years ago if I was running in the same spot!


One of the best burgers ever at  Bonehead  in Birmingham

One of the best burgers ever at Bonehead in Birmingham

This one takes up a lot of my time while running. It's simple as I'll be thinking about pizza, donuts, fish and chips, burgers etc etc. You get the idea, lets not dwell too much on this point as it's making me hungry and I'm currently on a diet.

When the run will end

Probably not the best thing to think about while running, but this one tends to go away after the first few miles. However, in the first couple of miles all I'm thinking about is finishing, what time it will be when I get home, what food will be waiting for me (see previous point). Luckily once i settle in to a rhythym I tend to forget about how long I've got left.