Half Marathon Training - Day 4 - Running through Cannock Chase

Hills, hills, hills. I hate hills!

This is what was repeating in my head yesterday as I ran around Cannock Chase!

TwoLegsOneBeard in his natural habitat

TwoLegsOneBeard in his natural habitat

My training plan said to do an 'easy run' of 40 minutes to an hour. Not sure how this constitutes itself as easy, as there is never an 'easy' run for me, especially not one that is 40 minutes to an hour! Add into this the fact I thought it would be a good idea to add some hills into this run and it was far from easy!

I decided to go back to Cannock Chase and run a route which I raced earlier in the year (Staff Knots 5 Mile). The route is really nice and very quiet, but does include some hills (which feel like mountains).  As much as I hate hills while doing them, I do try and do one hilly run a week, that way if I come across a hill on a race then it doesn't daunt me as much as it used to! What goes up must come down as the saying goes, so just know when you're at the top there will be a rest on a downhill soon! Having said this, the route I did yesterday went downhill to come back uphill!

Anywho, I got another (slow) 5 miles in the bag, which shocked my body into tougher routes and slightly longer distances than I've done for the past month. Next stop the Stratford 10k race on Sunday!

Route: If you fancy running this route it really is a nice scenic run (despite the hills)! If you head to the Marquis Drive visitor centre (WS12 4PW), tip park for free on the circular road which goes around the park and not at the cafe! 

Strava Route is below (best viewable on desktop) which should give you a better idea of the route, it's quite hard to get lost but drop a comment below or email me if you want some more info on the route!

Tip: If you want a nice bacon sandwich and coffee head to the Birches Valley visitor centre just around the corner (WS15 2UQ). It has a much nicer cafe than the Marquis Drive visitor centre. Visitor Centre info can be found here.