Half Marathon Training - Day 2

I started my Half Marathon training this week, it started off the best way any training can possibly start off! With a rest day! I decided to approach this first day of training with upmost professionalism, so I sat and ate brownies while watching TV! 

Day 2, was the first day of running of the program, it was an easy run (which turned out not to be easy). I went to my local running clubs club run which was a 4 miles route which I've done many a time before.

What I managed to forget was that due to a 3 week holiday, where I had run a couple of times but more to see the sites than anything else, I was massively out of shape! I started off way to quick, a habit which is becoming more and more hard to forget, and by mile 3 I was walking!

Not the greatest start, but after a short walking break I did manage to get around and run for a full 4 miles and after not doing much running since my 10k in July I am happy to get back to it.

More importantly I got back home in time to watch bake off, but also remembered that watching 75 minutes of baking biscuits just makes me want to eat all the junk food possible!

Today is another rest day, so far I have done more resting than running. This training malarkey is alright!