Ali Brownlee 5K

This 5k was back in June, but it was one of my favourite for many reasons! Despite living in Birmingham I am an avid Middlesbrough fan (I blame my dad), as this race ended in the Middlesbrough stadium I just had to do it!

The race has been running for quite awhile now, but it has now been renamed to commemorate a very popular local radio presenter, who used to commentate on all the Middlesbrough matches before sadly dying in 2016. 

The race itself is brilliantly organised and passes the transporter bridge, university of teeside before finishing in the stadium. What's great about it, is that friends and family can watch the finish from the stands and there is a fantastic atmosphere when you enter the stadium.

I originally had this booked in to be one of my first 5k runs, but it turns out I was doubting myself in how long it would take me to run 5K so before the race I had attended a number of parkrun's.

Even though it is only a 5k race, for any Middlesbrough fan (all 10 of you) it is a brilliant race to do. It's a charity race as well, and although you don't need to raise money for charity to enter the race a lot of people do. I managed to raise over £600 for Parkinson's UK which was fantastic and I thank all my friends and family for helping me reach this goal.

Below is the route taken from my strava account and some pictures, if you have the chance do try and attend it as it is a fantastic race (despite the two hills at the end!).