Half Marathon Training (lost count of which day now!)

So, maybe you're expecting to hear that i've been keeping up religiously with my Half Marathon Training...

You'd be wrong, after finding out my current running shoes are on their way out, I went and purchased a new pair of Nike Vomero's, I beeded them in with an easy 4 miler last Friday and all was good!

I then decided to push it a bit more and went out for a slow 7.5 miles on Monday this week, that was a bad idea! Despite having a slight pain in my feet while running, I felt fine, albeit slow due to a weekend of bad eating!

I got back home, took off my trainers and could barely walk on my feet due to the pain on my soles. This is my own fault, my feet weren't ready for the new trainers and I hadn't bedded them in enough! It happened with the other pair I bought, but due to the lower mileage I was running at the time the pain was much less. 

I feel i have pushed it a bit too much with the shoes straight away! The pain has just started to alleviate now, so going to have to restart this week and try again starting tomorrow.

This doesn't faulter me, I am still running and planning on completing the training plan. It just may take longer than I thought. It's a mental game now, the first run won't be fun but i'll try and keep it easy! 

Failed week, but not a failed plan! As 5ive say, "I get knocked down, but I get up again"