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Welcome to TwoLegsOneBeard! This blog is about me, Richard Cook, and my endless endeavours to try and become a fully fledged runner.

I’ve always wanted to run, but never really thought I’d be able to run for longer than a minute without getting a stitch and wanting to sit and eat donuts for the rest of the day. A New Years resolution to finish the couch to 5k program, one I thought I’d never keep, started my journey. I finished the program by April and then went on to run a 10k by July. The next goal is a half marathon, and if I don’t injure myself or end up quitting in the process I plan to do a marathon by 2019 (ish).

I have decided to start a blog to help myself remember the good times and the hard times while running and to hopefully provide an amusing and down to earth account which can help others understand why running is a fantastic sport (90% of the time)!

I should also point out, which should be obvious from the picture above and the name, that I have a beard. But i promise this is a blog about running and not beards!